Five Ways To Make your Room Kid Friendly Without Sacrificing Style

I’ve always been a homebody, but since having Tallie I’ve spent more time in one room than I ever have – our bedroom. In those early fuzzy days (which incidentally I’m already forgetting – how quickly do those blurry days slip by?!) we snuggled into bed as we got to know one another, and my […]

Take A Seat

The living room in our home has to work very hard since it’s the centre for most activities –¬†from movie watching and dinner eating to friend hosting and lazy Sunday chilling. Until fairly recently it was less than cosy and felt sparse, with magnolia walls and mismatched wood. But now thanks to a few days […]

Crafting The Seasons At Liberty

Hi friends! How are you? Apologies for the massive gap in blogging – for some reason I have a huge pile of work that has been growing and growing, which of course is a good thing really, but it does mean that my blogging is a little behind schedule. {Who am I kidding? I don’t […]