7 Welding Projects That Are a Great Addition To Your Home

Did you know you can take up welding as a hobby? You do not have to be a professional welder to enjoy welding and the process of creating things. With beginner welding skills, you can create a lot of simple household items in your free time.

If you have more time, you can even create items to sell to other homeowners. If you are starting, you will need a welder. When you go shopping, consider a MIG welder as it is affordable, easy to use, and gives quality results. Again, ensure you have all the welding safety gear, especially a welding mask.

Below are simple projects for you to try:

  1. Shelves, Holders, and Stools

Do you need a tool holder, pencil holder, or a tray to hold your items? This is a little project that gives you a chance to practice your skills using small pieces of metal. Creating these items does not take much time, does not require special skills, and only takes a few pieces of metal. You can use these holders in your workplace.

Shelves are ideal for the garage and in your study room. Shelves made of metal are strong enough to hold a lot of tools, books, or anything else you might want to place on then. With steel tubing, you can create any shelf you want. Be sure to color the shelves to make them attractive.

A tool is an excellent addition to your workspace. All you need to make a stool is four legs, a seat, and eight frame pieces.

  1. TV/Computer Side Table or Industrial Coffee Table

If you work or eat from your sofa, a metallic side table comes in handy. You can place your laptop, food tray, or anything else you need on the side table. The design of the side table is not different from a stool; you only need to make the table a little longer to fit a food tray.

A coffee table is another great project for a welder. It is referred to as an industrial coffee table as you will use it for decades, ever needing a replacement. The industrial coffee table will not only last long but also looks neat. Choose a great design, and the project will not disappoint you.

  1. Horseshoe Rack

A horseshoe rack looks great on any wall. It is easy to cut and shape old horseshoes with a plasma cutter. For home use, you only need a low-cost plasma cutter to shape the horseshoes. Better yet, if you carry out numerous welding projects at home, the speed and cutting range of a plasma cutter makes it an indispensable tool. Before you buy any tool, however, read widely to ensure you get the best.

Check out the hundreds of welded racks designs online and see if you can make one. You can make a horseshoe coat rack is one of the simplest rack projects, and it looks great on your wall. All you need is old horseshoes welded on a wall. 

You can also make a horseshoe wine rack. Take horseshoes and create a rack to hold wine bottles. The rack can be any design you want.

  1. Firepit, Firewood Rack, and Barbecue

You only need half a sheet of steel to make a fire pit. As long as the fire pit has a depression hat can hold wood, the design does not matter. The fire pit is an excellent addition to your outdoor living space.

A firewood rack project is ideal for homeowners with a fireplace. The rack lets you store all your wood with great ease. You can shop hundreds of looks online to match your space and your style.

Still, for the outdoor space, you can create a barbecue. If you have a metal barrel, your work becomes easy.

  1. Metal Trellis

This is another great addition to your outdoor living space. If you love climbing plants and flowers, a metal trellis can bring out the beauty of your yard. The trellis sports the look of common wooden options but is stronger and offers better support.

  1. Animal and Car Sculptures

If you love art, there is no end to the artistic items you can weld. Animals are the easiest to make. You can weld animal shapes using spare pieces of metal, nuts, and screws. These simple projects make exceptional aesthetic items for your home or gift items for friends and family.

Car sculptures are also easy to make with bolts and nuts and small pieces of metal.

  1. Spoon Flower

Instead of throwing away spoons when you buy new cutlery, why not weld them into an attractive flower. The flower will be a great addition to your yard.


There are many more items you can make at home. Once you hone your welding skills, you can make more sophisticated items, including doors and windows, when you need a replacement in your home.