About Us


Rita S. Brown

Rita S. Brown is the founder of Gathered Cheer. She went through tough and traumatic moments in life. Brown grew up in a family that never knew what it meant to be happy. Her violent father always abused their mother in their watch.

As a result, they grew up with lots of bitterness and negativity, with nothing to be proud of in life. Brown had a difficult in life, especially throughout her schooling years. She had to change her life, mentality and perception of life. It took her several years to turn her negativity into positivity.

With determination, hard work, and the right strategies, Brown successfully changed her life. She learnt how to find happiness and joy in life. She put her past behind and healed from traumatic experiences.

And, being able to find joy in everyday moments and experiences motivated her to start Gathered Cheer. She’s inspired and motivated to help others find joy in life. She believes that if what she learned worked for her, it can work for you too.

Mission and Vision


The mission of Gathered Cheer is to help individuals to learn how to find joy and happiness in everyday moments in life.


Our aim is to be a leading online resource for everyone who want to learn how to cultivate joy from day-to-day life moments and experiences.