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Joy And Happiness

Joy and happiness are closely related and often occur at the same, but they aren’t synonymous. Happiness is an emotion with bursts of excitement, intense pleasure, and complete satisfaction. However, joy is a more powerful, stronger, and longer-term state that leads to contentment and inner peace. Happiness occurs easily while joy occurs under the right conditions.

A funny movie or a cup of your favorite drink can easily make you happy. But, joy isn’t easy to cultivate because it’s a continual, time-consuming process. Joy comes with lots of health benefits. Together with happiness, studies show that you can experience lower blood pressure and heart rate, and an improved immune system. Furthermore, positive emotions result in fewer illnesses and minor pains and aches. Studies also link joy to longer lifespans.

Gathered Cheer helps you learn how to find joy and create it even in the most basic everyday moments.

Happiness Is Enjoying The Little Things In Life

Life Changes We Can Give To You

Finding joy can change many things in your life. Some include:

  • Stress and pain
  • Health
  • Longevity
  • Relationships
  • Emotions – anger, sadness, fear, and happiness
  • Career success
  • Patience, kindness and creativity
  • Immune system
  • Mind, brain, heart, and body

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